Friday, June 7, 2013

On Being a New Mom

Wow. I just typed a really broad and overwhelming subject line on this post. Maybe I will make this a series of posts. Of course, I probably won't even get to finish one since I hear the little one waking up from her nap now. She'll be hungry and want to eat, need a new diaper, want to be entertained for a while, then I'll realize the kitchen is a mess and try to clean it. In the middle I will get distracted because I will realize that I haven't watered my plants in ages. And what was I supposed to add to the grocery list? Oh, the baby is fussing again. Is it time to nurse her again already? How is it 3pm? My husband will be home soon. I should start planning dinner around the baby's feeding times. Darn it! I forgot about that load of laundry I put in yesterday afternoon. I bet it smells now and I'll have to wash it all over again. Wow, my toenails really need to be cut; I need to remember to do that the next time she falls asleep. Assuming I don't fall asleep too, of course. Throw in a little worrying about random uncontrollable events, some happy baby talking, and that my friends, is what my life looks like every day right now. Being a new mom is weird and crazy and overwhelming and fun and hard, hard work. 24/7. I want to blog more but somehow every day slips away before I even realize it. We'll see if I can make it happen...

P.S. This post seriously took me four hours to type and post. My point is made. LOL.

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